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A call to all change makers, heart-led leaders and amazing humans!

1heart Journeys include a week of intense personal growth and exploration to deeply explore your purpose and optimize your personal life fulfillment. Each Journey is designed to accelerate and achieve maximum transformation personally and professionally with a loving tribe. Watch this 4-minute video to preview the magic!


We are now accepting applications for the next 1heart Journey (Spring), April 12th – 19th in the mountains of Perez Zeledón, Costa Rica. Apply online to join a curated group of 44 amazing founders and change agents. Experience a 1-week human accelerator that integrates ancient and modern modalities led by leading practitioners to create powerful results across all areas of your life. By combining sacred ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies, sound healing, breath work, daily yoga, temezcal, cacao ceremony, organic food and connecting with the elements of nature (wind, water, earth, fire), we raise each others’ vibrational energy and frequency to its highest potential.

Perez Zeledón, Costa Rica

April 12th-19th

We invite you to join us for one of the most transformational weeks of your life.



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We invite you to join us for one of the most transformational weeks of your life. Your journey awaits…

Journey Beyond by 1heart | Transformational Retreats for Heart-Led Leaders from 1heart on Vimeo.

1heart Journeys are built to create powerful, profound growth experiences in beautiful, retreat environments amongst an inspiring group of your peers. Our Journeys integrate the most effective ancient wisdom with modern research into fully immersive travel experiences. We curate leading practitioners across modalities proven to deliver powerful results including plant medicine, biohacking, breathwork, meditation and yoga. The result is one week of non-stop mind, body and spirit growth.

Each journey has a curated group of leaders who together will go on a journey to deeply explore your individual and our collective purpose. Every participant will be positively transformed. The lives you live, companies you build and examples you set will transform the world.

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